Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Outdoor Meet As A Kohawk

Kohawk Track and Field!
Today was my first collegiate outdoor meet, and I was lucky enough to race in the 1500 and the 800. We went as a team to go compete at the Central Open, in Pella Iowa, about an hour and a half away.

My friend Sheldon Magee, 400 runner for UNI

 The meet was full of great teams and great competition. I was also lucky enough to get to see a friend from home, who is running for University of Northern Iowa (Luckily I didnt race against him...). My first race was the 1500, and I ended up being faster than expected, I was pretty happy with my first ever 1500 race as a whole, but I know that there is still plenty of work to be done. The 800 was about an hour later, and I had another solid race, but again, I look forward to the next two weeks of practice, and continuing to work on my form, and be ready to run even better in two weeks at Cornell. Overall, it was a great meet, with beautiful weather, and a long day filled with alot of crazy team bonding, I love our team, and I love how close everyone is, and I know that together, we are going to make the rest of this season one that we will never forget!
Until The Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey
 P.S. As good as we all look in the picture at the beginning of this blog, thats not really us, this next one is really how our track team really operates
Kohawk Track and Field at our Finest

Friday, March 30, 2012

Gloriana and Gordon

My Brother Gordon, here for admitted Students Weekend!
Every year here at Coe, there is one huge concert that the school hosts, and that is free for the students. This year it was Gloriana, with Tyler Hilton opening, and they performed in Eby. This weekend is also a big deal because it is admitted students weekend here at Coe, which means that alot of prospective students are staying here on Campus. I am lucky enough to host a pretty awesome kid this weekend, who also happens to be my little brother.
 Gordon got to Coe at around noon today, and had a few meetings with coaches, followed by an awesome "behind the scenes" tour of Coe College given by me. He also came to my Western Civilization class, and really seemed to enjoy it. Finally that night, we forced our dad to take us to Outback( It is always nice to change things up a little, and get away from the Caf) before heading over to the Gloriana concert. I personally had never really listened to Gloriana before this concert, but they were GREAT, and I look forward to getting to listen to more of their music. After the concert, Gordon and I went to hang out with a bunch of the guys on the team, and we just chilled, and listened to music as we got ready for our first outdoor meet, which is tomorrow! Overall, it was great getting to spend time not only with my Coe family, but also with my real family. I hope he had a great time, and was able to see how great Coe College really is! #theresnoplacelikeCOE
Until The Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just Another Tuesday At Coe!

Today was just a great day! I was working in the Writing Center like I do every other Tuesday, then out of nowhere, Fred Jackson and his whole family just walked in! For those of you who don't know, Fred Jackson is a running back for the Buffalo Bills, who graduated from Coe, after playing football and running track here at Coe. I was lucky enough to get to talk to him for a while, and he was an awesome guy. It is great that he is able to make time to come back and visit Coe, because everyone here has so much respect for him, not only as an athlete, but also as a person. I hope fifteen years from now, I am able to return to Coe, and people look up to me the way that we all looked up to him today!
Until The Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Hanging out in the Bookstore

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Week of Looking Forward

This past weekend was a pretty quiet one here at Coe. A couple more fraternities and sororities had their formals, and there was alot of important college basketball on, so alot of people just sort of chilled this weekend. It was great getting the extra sleep that this weekend brought, and i know that it will definately come in handy this week, with all of the awesome things that Coe has available. The first thing I am looking forward to is Greek Week. Greek Week at Coe is a full week of competetions between the different Fraternities and Sororities on campus, they do things like tug of wars, and talent shows and Bowling, and I am looking forward to some friendly competition and hopefully a week full of wins. I am also cautiously looking forward to wednesday and thursday, where I have two tests in two of my more challenging classes, I have been spending alot of time studying for both of these, and I look forward to hopefully doing great on both of these.I am also looking forward to coninuing to work on Colere, and see how our Editor's hard work has payed off.  Also, this weekend Coe will continue to show their play Drood, which is based off of the mystery written by Charles Dickens, and I will be seeing the Sunday show! Finally, and most importantly, I am looking forward to getting back and racing for the first time this outdoor season. This saturday we will race at Central College in Pella, and I am just excited to be able to get out of my own head for a little bit, and go back to focusing on racing as hard and as smart as I can. I am hoping to race in my first ever 1500, and show everyone how hard I have been working.
Until The Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flunk Day

Yesterday was Flunk Day, and for me it couldn't possibly have come on a better day! I was exhausted from a weekend full of visits and formals, and had a Western Civilization test that afternoon. Luckily, I was given two more days to study! Although I had alot of studying to do, that studying would have to wait, because it was the most exciting day of the whole school year!

Flunk Day!
 My flunk day began at 6:40 in the morning, I just woke up to go lift with the team, but instead was called by my teammate informing me that it was Flunk Day. Instead of lifting, we went on a run, since we knew that practice would be cancelled. It was a beautiful day, and at about 11 We all made our way out to the quad for some lunch. The burgers were delicious, and from that point I spent my afternoon, hanging out with some friends, and playing in a foam pit, before going across the street and playing some pretty intense sand volleyball! Flunk day officially ended at 4:00 that night, which meant I had to get back to the real world, and start studying. I would say that the only sad part about my first Flunkday as a Kohawk was that now I have to wait a whole year until the Next One!
Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Sunday, March 18, 2012


     This weekend was without a doubt one of my favorites since I have been at Coe! At practice on Friday, we all wore our green for St. Patricks day, and it was a fun chance to get to dress up and take some goofy pictures.
The Team in Green!, and a little blue...?
 Later on Friday night, I was lucky enough to get to see a few of my close friends from home, and show them around Campus. They were both from schools much bigger than Coe, and they really liked how small Coe's Campus is. One thing that really stuck out for me during their visit was how suprised they were that I knew almost everyone on campus. After being at Coe for almost a year now, I can't Imagine NOT knowing the majority of people, and always saying hi and being friendly. The next morning, my friends had to return to their schools, and I had to go get ready for my first ever Fraternity Formal.
       In my last blog, I mentioned that I was planning on accepting a bid to join the Phi Kappa Tau, and since then I have associated, and am beginning my process of becoming a member. It has been a great experience, and they are a great group of guys who I know will always have my back. Since I am an associate, I was able to attend their formal. The Dance took place at the same hotel as Homecoming, but was so much more fun! Unlike homecoming, we were all able to not only dance, but also have awesome food, and enjoy swimming in the hotel pool. This whole weekend shows what Coe is really about and that is Family. All weekend instead of being treated like just another freshman, I was treated like a person. The Guys in the Fraternity welcomed me like I have been there my whole life, and like I belonged there, instead of like the "New Guy". I think it is experiences like these ones that you don't get at those bigger schools, and I am sure that the rest of the semester will be filled them!
Until The Next Adventure,
  Ryan Rey

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Power Outage and beatiful day!

This afternoon, the power went out all over campus, so we all were "forced" to take a break from all of the social networking and march madness, and actually go out and enjoy being around each other. Luckily, it was a beautiful day outside, and everyone brought out their blankets and food, and we enjoyed doing things like frisbee, football, and just enjoying great conversation with each other. It was awesome being able to go outside, and maybe Coe should just shut the power off like that more often:)
This weekend I'm looking forward to some friends visiting tomorrow, then the St. Patricks Day Parade, and my first ever Fraternity Formal!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Friday, March 2, 2012

Last Blog before spring break!

This week has been a busy one, with alot of different midterms to study for and papers to write. But the past seven days have also been full of exciting things, especially my first ever conference track meet as a Kohawk. There were many great performances at the meet, including Keelie Finnel being named MVP on the Women's side, but for me it was a great learning experience. My race didn't go exactly how I planned, but there were many positives that I will be able to build off of over the next week! This week has also been busy because over spring break, the Writing Center will be moving out of Peterson, and into Gage, so we have been packing boxes and preparing all week. I personally am really excited for the new writing center location, because it is now much closer to the Caf, which I hope leads to chocolate milk whenever I want it. I will also be sure to post some awesome pictures of the new writing center as soon as possible.  The third and probably most memorable thing that happened this week, was that I recieved and accepted a bid to join the fraternity here at Coe called Phi Kappa Tau. I look forward to learning much more about the fraternity when I return from spring break! Overall, even through the midterm exams, and papers, this week was still great, and I can't wait to get back after break and finish out the semester strong
Until The Next Adventure, Ryan Rey