Monday, October 29, 2012

Conference meet at home!

Running the conference meet!
This last weekend was without a doubt our most important meet of the season so far. The conference meet is what we have been training for our whole season, and this year we are lucky enough to get to host the whole meet! Hosting the meet comes with many advantages, not only do we know the course better, but we also get the advantage of having the most fans, because the meet is five minutes away from our campus, allowing our student body to come out and support us! As a whole, the race went well, we had our senior captain place 6th overall, which in a conference as strong as ours, is an outstanding feat. For me personally, I ran a really smart race, and was able to pass alot of people in the second half, by running smart, and trusting the training and hardwork that I have been putting in all season! It was a great end to the season, and I look forward to heading up to St Olaf in a couple of weeks for the NCAA regional meet!
What a GREAT group of superfans!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birthday Coe Style

Today was my first birthday ever here at Coe! Last year, I was actually in Madison for a writing conference, so I was still unsure what to expect having my birthday in such a close community like Coe! Overall it was a great day, and one great thing about being at such a small school is that  everyone really does know everyone, and everyone here really went out of their way to do nice things for me! I woke up to happy birthday being played, and my roomates made me breakfast, which was awesome!
Breakfast In Bed! Courtesy of my roomates

 As the day went on, people would stop me and wish me happy birthday,  and not only students, but teachers too. After my classes, I went to practice, and it was a great workout, there is no better feeling in the world than working hard, and feeling accomplished after you are done! The last great thing that happenend on my birthday actually happened in our dining hall, a few teammates actually got the whole dining hall to sing me happy birthday. It was pretty embarassing at first, but it also made me realize that there is nothing quite like this small school feel that we are able to get every single day here at Coe. I realized at that point that there is no place in the whole world I would rather be that part of this COEmunity:)
Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oshkosh meet!

Reunited with my friends!!
Every year, The Coe cross country team drives up to Oshkosh Wisconsin, to run on a super flat and fast course, but unfortunately the past two years, we have been pretty unlucky with the weather! Last year, it was extremely windy, and this year it was storming and pooring rain during our whole race! I was able to still run a great race, as I actually ran my fastest time of the season, with the awful weather! After the meet, it was fall break so I was able to return home and spend time with my friends for a couple days, before coming back to school! It is awesome that Coe has a fall break that allows its students to do this, instead of not having any breaks until thanksgiving! I definitily enjoyed the break from classes, but it will be good to get my head back into everything!
Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCOE Radio

Hey everyone!
Today was a pretty awesome day, because I got asked to do a radio show here on campus, were I basically get to talk and play music for a couple hours a week! This is a great experience because it not only is alot of fun, but it will also look great on a resume. I love that here at Coe, opportunites like this are available to me, even though I am not a communications major here at Coe! I look forward to entertaining everyone every Tuesday night, 9-11! If you guys are potential students interested Coe, and have any questions for me about anything, or want to see me blog about anything specific, feel free to Email me at! Also if you are interested in listening to me on the radio tune into and click listen live!
My Co-host Connor Swanson

Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lamb Kohawk Invitational!

Even though it was freezing, we were on fire! Great day to be a Kohawk!
This past saturday was a day that will go down in history for the Coe College cross country team! It was our home cross country meet, but for the first time ever, instead of running at our usual course, we decided to run it at a brand new course at at Noelridge Park in Cedar Rapids! My favorite part about running a meet so close to our school is that so many students come out and support us, and that we allow our alumni to field a team, it is great to be able to race with them again! Honestly one of my favorite things about Coe is how everyone here really is like one big family, and this cross country meet really did an awesome job of showing that! I would say there were over a hundred students and teachers there watching and cheering us on, and it was great to have them all there. Even though it was a freezing day, our whole team ran extremely well, and Andrew Dewar won the whole meet! Personally, I ran a season best, and I was really excited to be able to get to run on a great course, I cant wait until the next time we all get to race on this course, for the Iowa Intercollegate conference championships later in the fall!
Great to have so many great friends there supporting us!

Until The Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Monday, October 1, 2012

Homecoming Blog!

This past week was homecoming week here at Coe College! Homecoming here at Coe is a pretty big deal, and the whole week is full of great events including things like a parade, a 5k race, a football game, a bunch of alumni events, a carnival and finally a huge dance for all of the students on saturday night!
During the week, one big thing that happens is Coe's student body gets to chose the homecoming king and queen. All week the homecoming court competes in things like talent shows to influence the students to vote for them. Finally, on friday night, a king and queen were chosen, and announced at a school wide Pep Rally.

Jacob and DeAnna Homecoming King and Queen!
Kyle and Coach Hannah win the 5k
On Saturday all of the fun begins! For me it started with a morning wake up at 6 am, so that I could run before the morning 5k that I was scheduled to work! It was really weird for me working a 5k instead of running it, but it was awesome to see a former teammate Kyle Heineman win the whole thing on the mens side and our coach Hannah Weiss win the womens.

Cross country team working the 5k!

After the 5k, I went straight to the parade, where I walked as a member of my fraternity, It was awesome to get to stroll around Coe with a great group of guys, and hand out candy to students faculty, and Coe alumni.

PKT walking the Parade!

Once the parade ended, I was lucky enough to get to take a power nap, to get back some of the energy I would need for the rest of the day! Following the nap, I went straight to the football game, to watch an undefeated Coe team win in a dominating fashion. What was cool about the game was that there was also a huge carnival outside the stadium, filled with free food! As a college student you learn to enjoy as many opportunities for free food as you can, so this was like paradise for us!
Enjoying the Carnival!

Finally, as it began to get darker, campus was quiet again, as everyone was back in their rooms getting all dressed up for the homecoming dance. I have always loved dances, but what is cool about Coe's dance is that even if you decide dancing isnt for you, there is still plenty of other things to do! It is really cool that every student really does go, so we are all together, and it is always fun to see everyone dressed up!

Coe College! We clean up nice!

Overall, I would say that for me homecoming is my favorite week here at Coe! I am already looking forward to next year, and being able to do it all again!

Until The Next Adventure, Ryan Rey