Monday, September 24, 2012

Augustana Meet! Meeting a Legend!

My friend Annie!
This past weekend, the team traveled down to Rock Island Illinois, for a huge cross country meet! There were over fourty schools present, and it was great to get to run against some friends from my home town! This meet was also great because we were lucky enough to not only run on a super fast course, but we also got to meet one of the greatest American distance runners of all time. Frank Shorter, winner of the marathon gold medal in the 1972 olympics, and the owner of one of the best moustaches ever, behind only Rollie Fingers and Wyatt Earp.
Frank Shorter and Steve Prefontaine, two great runners, and two great moustaches
  Needless to say, we were all really motivated by meeting and talking to one of our idols and ran our hearts out! After the meet, we spent some more time together as a team, and we went to the most amazing sandwhich shop ever, before going back to Coe, and calling it a very successful day!

Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

The Whole Team, with Frank Shorter

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teeter Totterathon!

Great to see other Kohawks out supporting our cause
One thing that is awesome about all of the greek organizations here on Campus is that they do some pretty awesome (and completely random) fundraisers, that involve the whole campus. One of my favorite is the teetertotterathon, which is held by my fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau, and a sorority on campus, the Alpha Omnicron Pi's. Members of both groups work together, and teeter totter for twenty four hours straight. It is cool because since we teeter totter right in the middle of campus, people always come and watch and donate change to our great causes. It was an awesome experiance, and I look forward to being involved and teetertottering for my next couple years here at Coe!

What a great looking group of Phi Taus!
Until The Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Sunday, September 16, 2012

St. Olaf Meet!

For our second meet of the season, we travelled all the way up to Northfield Minnesota, for a Saturday morning meet at St. Olaf. It was an awesome course, and as a team we achieved all of our goals. We were led by our senior Andrew Dewar, who was the fourth D3 runner to finish.

Andrew Dewar runs a 26:21 8k

 Personally, I was feeling pretty good with my race, I was 7th on our team, and there is still plenty of improving to be done. It was awesome to get to race on this course early, and sort of scout it out before November, when we will return as a team for the regional meet. My favorite part about all these long drives we go on, is just the time that we get to spend together as a team, making jokes and playing random games. One thing I learned as a freshman was that if you ever fell asleep on a bus, you would get pictures taken of you, and that is just something you would have to live with....
Nathan Rumpza, our freshman sleeping on the bus.....

  As the season keeps going, I look forward to constantly putting in more miles than I ever have before and consistently getting better, next Friday we will travel to Augustana College for what will be an awesome race there, I look forward to sharing great stories with you!
Until The Next Adventure,

Ryan Rey

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Recycing Committee of The Year!

Me with the Queen of Recycling here at Coe!
Today was the first meeting of Coe's recycling committee, and it was a great start to what I know is going to be a great year as far as recycling goes at Coe. Like I mentioned before, for some reason they named me head of this committee, and it is a huge honor to get to hang out with some of the most dedicated and caring students on campus once a week. I was shocked at how many people showed up, and I hope that people continue to show up as the year continues. At our first meeting we made signs out of cardboard promoting recycling, which we hung up. We also played some get to know you games, and discussed some future ideas, which as of right now are TOP SECRET. I know how upset you guys are, but it will definintely be worth the wait:) If you are a student at Coe, and you are reading this blog, you will without a doubt come to our next meeting, Thursday night in AD lobby, we will have food!  If you are a prospective student and you have any questions about Coe or about recycling or the writing center, or runnning or blogging or anything at all, feel free to email me at or follow me on twitter at @RyanRun17!
Until The Next Adventure,

Ryan Rey
The Coolest Kids at Coe College!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Off week, Running of the Stairs

This weekend we didn't have a meet, so we instead stayed at Coe and did a lot of team bonding. We all were able to go together to get ice cream at dairy queen after a practice and talk about our season so far. It was really cool to really get to know the other 11 guys on the team, and they are becoming more and more like family. Sunday night was running of the stairs, which is a big deal for the sororities at Coe. All of the girls get really dressed up and basically chose which sorority they want to be in. Our fraternity goes to watch every year, but before we go, we participate in our own very special tradition. This tradition is called the Phi Tau pizza eating contest, this year was a very close competition, but unfortunately my partner Marcus and I burned out and ended up taking third place. I know that next year we will be able to redeem ourselves and go for the win! I can not wait for next years contest, and I will begin training my stomach immediately!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random Tuesday At Coe!

Today was overall just a great day, my first class was full of excitement, and free candy, which is always ok! Practice was also awesome, it was an easy run, so our girls team decided that we should all wear one color of our choice and call it power ranger day. I wore red, and it was a huge success! The rest of the campus probably thought we were being fools, but it was awesome running around campus looking like one big rainbow. I look forward to our next theme day, and know that it will be as fun! Today was also great because I went to an environmental club meeting and was lucky enough to be named the chair of the recycling committee at Coe! I have a great group of kids on my committee and we are going to do a ton of awesome stuff this year!
Until the Next Adventure,
What a great looking team!
Ryan Rey

Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Meet of the Season, and Writing Center Retreat

The Team after our first race!
Yesterday was our first meet of the season, a 5k against Mount Mercy at Jones Park in Cedar Rapids.  As a team we ran very well, and it was a great way to start off an awesome season. Individually it was not one of my better races, but it really woke me up, and let me know that there is still plenty of work to do. After the race and a good nights sleep, I departed to Monticello Iowa for a writing center retreat. On this retreat we got to do awesome things like go on long hikes, and play a ton of volleyball, and even swim in a 50 meter pool for 2 hours. We also had an assignment to write what was on our mind, so I wrote a love story about a Princess and a Dragon. We spent the rest of the weekend editing it, and one day it might even make it onto the big screen:) This coming week at Coe will be full of excitement because of formal recruitment, a few hard practices, and a lot of great upcoming meetings for new clubs! I look forward to getting to see which new people will join all of the different organizations here at Coe!
Until The Next Adventure, Ryan Rey