Monday, January 30, 2012

Exciting weekend!

This past week was our only week without a track meet for while, so instead of hopping on a bus and going to a meet, I got to enjoy all of the great things Coe had to offer this weekend. Friday night I was able to go watch part of my first ever Blindspot. Blindspot is a variety show that Coe students produce a couple times a year, and I know that one of our bloggers Hailley got to go up there and perform in front of all of her classmates!
This weekend Coe was also host to all kinds of different sporting events, from swim meets to wrestling conference duals to basketball games. Friday night the swim team took on Morningside College, and while watching fellow athletes compete for Coe was great, My favorite part of the event was definately the splash contest. Shoutout to Andrew Dewar for representing the track program and showing some pretty great form!
Saturday morning after our long run, a bunch of the track guys went to support our wrestlers, and it was clear as the duals went on, that they have been working extremely hard and getting consistently better all season. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be able to handle wrestling for more that a minute, so I definately have to give them their props! Good luck with the rest of your season Kohawk wrestlers.
Finally, my roomate and I went to the girls and guys basketball games, where they faced University of Dubuque. The girls game was first, and it was close the whole time, Dubuque hit a big shot to force overtime, but in the end Coe came into the overtime period ready to close the game out, and win 75-68! The boys game was next, and this one was exciting because it was a matchup between two of the top three schools in the conference, and also a rematch from a game that Coe had lost earlier in the season. At the beginning of the game, Coe was down by 10 early, but then something just clicked, they took it to the next level, and were able to handle the Spartans 70-68. Congratulations to Coach Juckem on his 100th win as a Kohawk!
Sunday was much more relaxed, I spent my day doing some pretty intense Macroeconomics homework, and celebrated my roomates birthday in the classiest way possible......We went to Taco Bell. That night I was able to do some work in the writing center for Colere. Colere is a literary magazine that Coe produces every year, and that I am lucky enough to be a part of. I look forward to continuing to read peoples selections for Colere, and I know that when it is finished, this will once again be a great piece of work.
   Overall, this was a great weekend here in beautiful Cedar Rapids, and I would like to once again thank every student who participated in Blindspot, or competed for Coe this weekend. It was awesome watching everyone succeed in their own different areas. It truly was a great weekend to be a Kohawk.
Until the next adventure, Ryan Rey

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy week at Coe

The last eight days at Coe have been extremely busy! Personally I have had my first two meets as a Kohawk, along with my first week of classes, and balancing work and practice with other important things, like eating.... Last saturday I began my Coe track career with an 800 meter run at the University of Dubuque. I made a mistake, and ran the first half of my race pretty fast, before slowing down and not finishing as well as I had hoped. Even though my performance wasnt as good as I had hoped, my teammates and coaches were very supportive, and I know that as time goes on I will learn from my mistake, and improve. After the meet was over, we went to this place called Pizza Ranch for a team dinner.The pizza was great, and it was awesome being able to spend some time with the whole team. During the week, I was very busy with classes and homework, ( Yes it's true, I had homework on the first day of second semester!) so I didn't really get a chance to do much other than running, homework, workstudy, and eating, but it is definately great being back at Coe, because even on days where everything is sort of boring and repetive, you are still able to find little things to enjoy. This week I found myself enjoying little things all week; things like chicken nuggets in the Caf, Tang and random conversation in the writing center, Madden with my roomate, and simply meeting new people everyday. After a long, but productive week, it was time race again. This race was at Cornell, and I was pretty excited to a part of the long historic rivalry. I ran the 800 again, and I learned from my mistake, I went out slower, and put myself in a postition to run great! As a team both our guys and girls were able to beat Cornell, but they are a strong team, and we still have plenty of work to do. Our next meet is in two weeks, back on the great side of the Mississippi, at Illinois Wesleyan!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Day of Classes!!!!

You know when you are a little kid, and it is your first day of school and you are extremely nervous about everything from making friends, to having a great teacher, to missing the bus. Thats exactly how today was, and it wasn't even my first semester here at Coe! I am in five classes this semester, Intro to Psychology, Macroeconomics, Accounting 2, Western Civilization 2, and Topics in Compostition. Today began with some excitement because everyone was FINALLY back at Coe, but also some dissapointment, because i had to get up at seven for morning lifting....but at least im getting ripped:) after lifting, i had three classes, along with work, before ending my day with a hard tempo run, and a team dinner in the Caf. All of my teachers seemed really nice, and my classes are all small enough that i will be able to participate in discussions, which i think really helps me fully understand the material. Something tells me that this semester is going to be great, and i know I am blessed to be surrounded by friendly teachers, and awesome classmates, teammates, and roomates along with a great coaching staff, who are all more than willing to do go out of their way to help me get over my initial nervousness and succeed. Hopefully as the semester continues, I will be able to assist potential students in their college search, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at!
 Until the Next adventure, Ryan Rey

p.s ^ that tagline is still kinda lame, feel free to share ideas about better ones...

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Blogs!

I was fortunate enough to come back to Coe on the 2nd of January for track practice. That means that for a whole 8 days, I didn't have to take any classes, and I could just focus on running. Originally it was sort of boring, as you can imagine, running gets old pretty fast! After a couple of days, I settled in, and got to do alot of brand new things along the way. One different thing about being at Coe before everyone else, was that the Caf wasn't open, so i was responsible for feeding myself! As a 19 year old guy, this is a huge responsibility, because if i had it my way, I would have eaten hot pockets and ice cream cake every single day. Luckily, a couple of the girls on the track team took me grocery shopping, and made sure I bought plenty of healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables. Clearly I wasn't ready for the responsibility of feeding myself! During the week, there were a bunch of sporting events at Coe, like the Guys and Girls basketball games against Wartburg, and the Wrestling meet against Air Force! During my first semester, I studied alot, and wasn't able to attend many sporting events, but it was great was to have all this free time, and be able to support all of the atheletes here at Coe! One thing I really love about athletics here at Coe, is that everyone really is like a family, from the basketball players to the runners, to the wrestlers. It is an awesome feeling knowing that you have all of these athletes and coaches following your season,and doing everything they can to help you succeed. After seeing how well our wrestlers and basketball players competed, this week really got me pumped up and ready to make all of Kohawk Nation proud during the upcoming track season
  Until the next adventure,  Ryan Rey