Friday, September 26, 2014

The Beginning of Senior Year

       This past summer, I was lucky enough to stay at Coe, and work in both our admission and advancement offices. Although it was awesome to be able to stay on campus, it was also important to get off campus, and see other parts of the United States. During the month of May, I traveled around the Western United States with 7 other Coe Students  and an adviser for a class called Writers Colony. On this trip, we went to 16 Major League Baseball stadiums and saw games at each of them. I am a die hard Cubs fan, so nothing will ever compare to the beauty of Wrigley Field, but it was very interesting to see each of these new stadiums. I will one day be able to tell my kids about this road trip, and all of the all time greats I saw in person.

Outside of Twins stadium
It is crazy to think that this is the beginning of my last year here at Coe. I am running Cross Country, as well as taking four classes including Environmental Law and Policy, which is becoming my favorite class. It is so nice having everyone back on campus, and I would not trade the family environment that is present here at Coe for anything. 

Last Homecoming as a Student!
This past weekend was Homecoming Week at Coe, and the cross country team had a meet in Illinois on Saturday morning. We all ran very well, and were able to return to Coe in time for the big homecoming dance at the Doubletree in downtown Cedar Rapids. Everyone gets dressed up, and enjoys the free food and dancing. I will miss these homecoming dances after I graduate, but I also began to notice how many Alumni were present during our homecoming weekend.   I know that no matter where I am in life, I will always come back for the best weekend of the year, Homecoming weekend at Coe. 
Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey 

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