Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crazy Wednesday!

Wednesday is my most hectic day of the week, and when you add in things like an 8am Psychology exam, it tends to get even more crazy! Today started out with me getting up at 640 to get breakfast before my exam. After the exam, I went straight to my work study in the Psychology department which is where I will be until 11. At eleven, I have lifting with the team, and then lunch before going to my Accounting 2 class at 1, followed by my Western Civilization class at 2. After my classes, I have a practice at 4, and it is the last hardworkout of the week, before our conference meet this saturday. After practice, I am hopefully planning on getting some dinner with the team, and showering before I go to the writing center for work! Colere reading begins at seven, and then I work as well until 9! After 9, I look forward to finishing up some of my Econ Homework, before calling it a day. I know that this day sounds a little packed, but honestly days like these are my favorites, and I wouldn't trade being here for the world! There's No Place Like Coe!
Until the next adventure,
Ryan Rey

Monday, February 20, 2012

Scholarship Weekend!

This weekend, the team travelled to Stevens Point Wisconsin for a meet, but a few of our distance runners stayed behind in preparation for conference this upcoming weekend. Instead of going to the meet, I was lucky enough to host a prospective student, who is also a runner! Also, a few of my teammates also hosted prospective student/ runners, so we all sort of hung out, and did things as a pack! Friday night was filled with excitement as we did things like go to a local spaghetti restaurant right off campus. After a great meal, we decided to play some basketball in Eby. After basketball, we got a call from one of our girl teammates telling us to hurry up and come to the Pub. In the Pub, there was a great accapella group singing, which both the current and prospective students really enjoyed. Finally, we ended our night with blind spot, which was filled with great acts by everyone, and great audience participation, showing the prospective students just how awesome it is to be a Kohawk. Saturday I was lucky enough to spend time with even more prospective runners, and even talk to some about more than just college, but about life as a whole. Overall, this weekend was a huge success, and I was able to spend time with a bunch of people who, whether they come to Coe or not, are great, honest and caring people! I hope to see all of you prospective students next year!
Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Blog

Its Been a rough couple days here at Coe for me. It turns out that I have strep throat, and that I may need my wisdom teeth taken out over spring break. Apparently it is not a good idea to run with strep throat, and the last few days at practice have been miserable. Going into today, my goal was to just get through the day! Everything was pretty miserable up until I checked my mail, and found a few bottles of Orange Crush and Valentines waiting for me! (One of the sororities here at Coe does this fundraiser where they sell bottles of Orange crush outside the Caf and then distribute them on valentines day.) I dont know who they are from, but it was an awesome Valentines Day gift, and it just immediately got me feeling better! It made me realize that here at Coe, there really is no time to be sick and miserable because there are to many great and caring people that are going to do whatever they can to help you feel better! I'm Lucky to be surrounded by great friends here at Coe, that will continue to help me crush whatever crazy sickness or sadness that comes my way!
Until The Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pres Ball Weekend and Grinnel Meet

This weekend at Coe was Pres Ball Weekend! The Presidential Ball is a giant dance that is hosted by President Phifer and takes place in the gym in Eby. Unfortunately, I was feeling a little under the weather and did not end up attending. Everyone I talked to says that Pres Ball was awesome, and that the food and dancing made for a great night. It kinda stinks that I was unable to go, but I guess that will just make the next three years when I am able to attend that much better!
  The next morning, the Kohawk Track and Field teams travelled to Grinnel Iowa to compete at a meet there. This meet was full of great competition, and we were ready to compete. Like mentioned earlier, I was sick, and chose to run my first mile of the season. The mile is a completely different race than the 800, but I still ran a very competitive race. The great thing about this season so far is that as the season progresses, we are getting closer and closer as a team. At Grinnel this was clearly evident, because we all spent the day together, joking around with each other, and cheering for our teammates during their events.
Team Bonding at Grinnel!
 Hopefully we will be able to keep this great chemistry up, and run great times the next two weekends, and especially at the conference meet!
 Until The Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet In Illinois

This weekend, the Mens and Womens traveled to Illinois Wesleyan, for our biggest meet of the season. This meet was without a doubt my favorite meet so far in the season, because it was much closer to my home in Plainfield Illinois than the rest, and I would get a chance to see not only my family, friends and head track coach from high school,  but also compete against many of my teammates in high school,and even race my best friend in both of my events.
It was great to see all of my Plainfield Friends at the meet! Thanks for coming out and supporting
 We left friday night, and began our 5 hour bus ride to Normal Illinois, with a packed bus. Even though a five hour bus ride sounds like the most boring thing in the world, we found ways to make it fun, and it felt like we got to our hotel in an hour. Once we got to our hotel, we basically had the night to ourselves, and we used our free time to do some pretty awesome team bonding. We did things like play cards, and a new game called "What If" which was really confusing, but at the same time allowed us to laugh at each other, and grow closer as one big team. The next morning when we got to the meet, we realized how huge this meet was. There were 20 schools there, and they were all pretty great track programs. We all knew that today would be a great day to test ourselves and see where we were at! As the meet progressed, many Coe runners ran awesome races, and it was clear that they were excited to get to run against great competition. Shoutout to Keelie Finnel for winning an extremely competitive Womens 800 meter run, and running the fastest time in the WHOLE COUNTRY! Personally, I also ran the 800, and ran my best time of the season, while also running the same time as my best friend!
Me Running the 800 in a season best time!
Obviously it was a great meet, and it will prepare us for our next one at Grinnell on Saturday. Until then, it will be nice to get back to Coe and focus on my many tests coming up!
Until The Next adventure, Ryan Rey
P.S. I would also like to give a shoutout to my roomate Noah Sprinkel, for being named IIAC Mens Tennis Player of the week, as a freshman!

My Roomate, what a clown!