Monday, October 20, 2014

Study breaks

Into the Woods at TCR
These past few weeks have been filled with stress. Being a senior is a lot of fun, but with that fun, there is also studying to be done, and papers to be written. Instead of simply stressing out, it is always good to step back and take some study breaks. Being in a town as large as Cedar Rapids is great, because of all of the awesome study breaks available to us.

    About a week ago, I was lucky enough to go see a production of Into The Woods, that was put on by Theater Cedar Rapids. Both of my parents were really into theater and musicals when I was growing up, and Into the Woods has always been one of my favorites. The show was great, and because I am a Coe student, I immediately received a discounted ticket. Later in the year I hope to take advantage of some more great shows.
PKT and Tri-Delta at the Haunted House

Making a new haunted friend
      I was also lucky enough to spend some time at a local haunted house, called 'Circle of Ash". I went with a big group of fraternity brothers and one of our sororities on campus. I had never been into a haunted house before, and would have been super scared, but I went with a group of people who did a good job of warning me!

There are also some pretty tremendous study breaks that take place right on Coe's Campus. I spent one night in our gym, watching our Coe College Women's Volleyball team take down the reigning conference champions and remain undefeated in conference play. It was a great game that went to 5 sets before Coe was able to pull away. I have never seen a gym so full of excited fans! I can't wait to see what that team does as their season continues.
 I know that as I continue to study, I will always have some pretty great excuses to take breaks, and enjoy my last fall here at Coe with such a great group of Kohawks.

Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

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