Sunday, October 20, 2013


Phi Tau's Getting Ready for the Parade!
This past weekend was homecoming here at Coe, it is always one of my favorite weeks on campus, but I would have to say that this last homecoming was my favorite one yet. All week we have events at Coe that are open to everyone. We have a talent show for all of the Homecoming Court, a huge parade, a bunch of free food and carnival games, a football game and a Dance for the whole school.
  This year, the weather was perfect for the parade, and it was amazing to see so many alumni and people of Cedar Rapids out there supporting. All of the Greek organizations on campus walked together and it was really cool seeing all of the different organizations having such a good time working together.
At The Dance!
   The dance this year was at the Clarion Hotel in Cedar Rapids. Coe pays for buses to get all of the students there and it is always just good seeing everyone dressed well. Honestly I wish I could have danced more, but I probably ate 10 pounds of food once I got to the dance, there were so many good snacks!
Overall this was the best homecoming yet and it was so awesome seeing alumni from recent years come back and talk about how successful they are doing at the next level. I can't wait for next homecoming, and I know it will be the best homecoming yet!

Until the Next Adventure,

Ryan Rey

Homecoming KING Kobe

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Break

Early in each fall semester, Coe has one Monday and Tuesday off for fall break. This year for fall break I was lucky enough to travel back to Illinois, and go to 6 flags! It is always great to get to spend time with old friends, and even bring some new Coe friends with.

On a Roller Coaster
Six Flags is an amusement park with some intense roller-coasters, and it was a day full of thrills. Other than 6 flags, we got got to eat at some great restaurants, but my favorite is without a doubt Portillos. Portillos is a hotdog restaurant that is only in Illinois, so every time I go home, it is always the first place I go.

I was also lucky enough to go the river walk in downtown Naperville, where we had Ice Cream, walked and enjoyed being outside. Sometimes in the midst of all of the stress that goes along with being a college student, it is great to just step back for two days, and enjoy being young. I love the opportunities that Coe offers all of their students with fall break!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey