Monday, February 18, 2013

Scholarship Weekend!

My friend Kristen, visiting Coe!!
This last weekend was scholarship weekend, and we had over 540 prospective students on campus for the event. As a current student, it is great to see all of these students and be able to help them with their college search. This weekend is full of great events, including sitting in on classes, tours of the campus and meeting with faculty from every department. With all the students on campus, it was more crowded in places like the cafeteria than normal, but we all adapted and made the weekend a huge success. For me, the best part of this scholarship weekend was without a doubt hanging out with one of my friends from home,  she is looking at Coe, and I hope she liked her visit!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day at Coe

Orange Crush
Every year here at Coe, one of the sororities on campus does this fundraiser, where you can buy a bottle of orange crush, and send it to your "Crush". It is great going and checking your mailbox on valentines day, and seeing that you got one, but a better feeling is being able to give them out anonymously, and make peoples days, even when they have no idea who it was from. I am already planning next valentines day!!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Going Home

Great Friend, and Shamrock Shakes <3
This past few days, I had to head home for a family thing, so I have not really been on campus. One thing that is great is that even though i had to miss a day of classes, all of my teachers and coaches were completely understanding about it. When I was back in Plainfield, it was great to get to see all of my friends, and do things like get shamrock shakes (They're back!!) and just hangout. I am lucky to be surrounded with the best group of family and friends that I could ever ask for, both at Coe and at home! Coe is perfect for me, because of it's distance, it isnt possible for me to leave every weekend  and go home, but I can occasionaly go home, when I need to see those home friends. Also, after this weekend it is clear that Coe stands out, because it really does have this family first attitude, where classes and education are obviously important, but so are relationships. I am extremely grateful for all of the people here on campus, and obviously at home, that constantly show how much they care about me.
Until the Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey

Monday, February 4, 2013

An Average weekend at Coe!

Emma Ethan and I at the Pub Concert!
This weekend was an off weekend for the team, so that means that we all got to hang out on campus, and see how much fun everyone else has, while we are stuck running! Friday night there was an awesome concert in the PUB, by a guy who sang covers of whatever songs we wanted to listen to. After this concert, we went to Zio Johno's a local place that sells spaghetti by the BUCKET! After filling our stomachs with some of the best college food ever, we went to Blindspot in Dows, our art building. Blindspot is a talent show that happens about once every two weeks here at Coe, and it is great because everyone on campus makes sure to come out and support all of their classmates. This week one of my friends Kyle sang, and did an outstanding job. After blindspot, we all went back to our rooms, to prepare for a big saturday that included alot of studying (and some goofing around) in our writing center!
 Overall, it was really nice to just get to relax for a weekend, and enjoy being a student, but I love racing, and can not wait to get back into it!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey