Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cornell Meet, the Bremner Cup!

Here at Coe, we have a friendly rivalry with the school across the river, Cornell College. Unfortunately, last season was Cornell's last season in our athletic conference, which means that we do not get to face them at the conference meet at the end of our season. Instead, Coe and Cornell's athletic departments decided to create this athletic cup, named after Baron Bremner, who was a legendary coach and athletic director at both Coe and Cornell. This is the first year that the Cup is being competed for, so of course, here at Coe, we really want to win it. This past weekend, our track teams competed against Cornells for the Bremner cup points in track, and it was nice to have such a competitiveness at such an early season meet. It was nice to see our leaders step up, run their best, and be able to contribute to a victory over Cornell on the men's side. Great performances came from all across the board, with senior Andrew Dewar winning the 5k, junior Shea Devine winning the Mile, and Eric Ritter winning the Shot Put and Weight Throw. Our women ran great as well, improving on their times from Dubuque, and competing all the way with Cornell. I am so excited to keep watching this team grow, and hopefully be able to return from injury soon!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey

Sunday, January 13, 2013

First meet of the season at UD

My brother, polevaulting
This past weekend was our first meet of the season, a Quad at the University of Dubuque. Unfortunately I have been dealing with some hamstring injuries, and will not be racing until that is all taken care of. As a whole, this was a great meet, and a learning experience for the new freshman that we have. Everyone ran great, even after the hard week of practices that we had left. For me, even though it stinks being injured, it was great getting to see my brother put on that uniform and be able to pole vault for the first time as a Kohawk! I know that as the season keeps going, we as a team are going to keep building on those times, and be ready come spring for the outdoor conference meet!

Finishing the meet of right, with a great 4by4!
Until the next adventure, Ryan Rey

Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving Back to Coe!

This past month, being at home has been great, but I was super excited to get to move back in and start my favorite time of the year, TRACK SEASON!!! One thing that was really different about this break for my brother and I, was that our family actually moved down to Arkansas, so we went there for Christmas. One thing that was really awesome was that even though we really had no way to get back to Coe, one of our teammates was able to pick us up and drive us the whole way! Special thanks to Andrew Dewar for being family, and making sure we got there on time!
Track Team, All together at a basketball game!
Once we all got back to Coe, and got settled in, we began our week of practices! I really like that we get to move in early, because it gives all of us a chance to get to know each other, and grow as a team, before having to worry about classes and all the other everyday stresses of being a college student! Some of the cool things we get to do as a team include all team dinners, and basketball games dressed as ridiculously as can be! I can't wait for next weekend at University of Dubuque, where we can all show the hard work we have been putting in all offseason!
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey