Saturday, September 28, 2013

Roy Griak Invitational

Every year, our cross country team travels up to the University of Minnesota, for our first 8k race of the season. This year was a little different, as we are a much younger team, and no one really knew what to expect. There are over 100 teams at this race, so for many of our incoming freshman it was a complete culture shock. They have never experienced a race even close to this size.
    After we all got over the initial nerves, we all started our seasons on a very positive note. Good times were run across the board, and we definitely are looking forward to continuing to build. One thing that really surprised me the most was how close the whole team became after this one trip. As I mentioned before our team is very young, but I absolutely love all of the newcomers, and think that this team has potential to not only be very successful, but also be very close. I look forward to continuing to race with this team, and I know that this upcoming year will be full of great memories.