Thursday, May 2, 2013

Study Breaks

Watching a track meet with some pretty awesome friends
Wow! It is crazy to think that it is May already, and that means that finals here at Coe are quickly approaching! There are only four days till finals start, which means that the last week has been pretty jam packed with studying! In this last week, I was also lucky enough to get to take a few pretty awesome study breaks! On monday, I actually got to go home and watch a track meet, and hangout with all of my great friends from home. It is always nice to be able to get away, especially during times like this, where the stress is overwhelming. While I was home, I got to eat some great food, and even help decorate a cake, before going on a downtown Naperville adventure!
The next day when I returned to Coe, I got back to intense studying, and working on Final projects. After all of this hard work, I again found myself needing a study break, So I headed to the our writing center, where I found a bunch of our freshman also in need of a break, we ended up goofing off and listening to some Taylor Swift ( I am in love with her) to get our minds off of finals. We also talked alot about all of our summer plans, which will be included in my next blog (Keep Reading!)
End of the best tour of Naperville ever!
Writing Center Family

Even though everyone here at Coe is stressed out about finals, I love the fact that we are all still close and able to work through our stress together. I am lucky to have a pretty great place to escape to back in Illinois, but I am also lucky to be surrounded by some amazing people here at school. I know that a week from now all of the finals will be over, and the study breaks and great relationships are what we will all remember years from now. I know I am lucky to have a great group around me, who are always willing to get breakfast together, or walk a block to the Dairy Queen, and I wouldn't trade that for anything, even if it meant not having to take finals ever again.
Until the Next Adventure, Ryan Rey