Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Intersquad Meet and the Cross Country Banquet!

Some of the Team, Hanging out!
This past weekend for me, was one that was all about sports, which is definitely a great way to avoid the stress coming from finals! On friday night, there was a banquet for all of the different fall sports, and it was great to get another varsity letter, and get to hear about all of the success all of our different athletic teams had this fall. One thing I really like about Coe is just how supportive everyone is of all of the different organizations, I love the fact that not only do I go to things like football games, tennis matches and swim meets, but also that the swimmers and the tennis and football players will come out and watch us run!

Start of the 1k!

My Brother Pole Vaulting!
On Saturday we had our first offical full team meeting, and it was also an intersquad meet, where everyone got to race against teammates, and sort of gauge where they are after their fall training. I personally did not race, as my ribs are still not allowing me to run, but it was great to get to be there supporting my teammates, and I know that come January 12th I will be able to race hard! As a whole, everyone not only got to race, but this was also a great opportunity to get to know our teammates!

One of our Jumpers, Flying!
head to head in the 300!
Although the meet, and the all sports banquets were fun, my favorite part of the weekend was actually Sunday, which was our cross country team banquet. For this banquet, we get to go to a really nice brunch place in Cedar Rapids, and eat some pretty awesome food! We also get the opportunity to meet one last time as a whole team, and celebrate our season, and honor our seniors! It was awesome all being together, and it made me realize how lucky I am to be on a team that is as close as we are, and I know that they will always have my back!
Until The Next Adventure,
Ryan Rey
Sophomore Cross Country Class!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mackelmore and Formal Phi Tau Meeting!

What a great looking group
This week started off with a meeting, where we all got to get really dressed up, and celebrated our successful event LumberJack Fest, while also having our elections for the following year. I was lucky enough to be named our treasurer, and I am looking forward to the challenge!
 As the week progressed, so did the stress! With finals coming up, one thing that really helped me Destress was actually going to the Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis concert with my friends, and it was without a doubt one of the best concerts I have ever been to! I really enjoy his music, because he actually raps and sings about things that are meaningful, instead cars money and girls. I suggest that all of you guys go check his stuff out, you will like him alot! During the concert, a few of my friends even got to crowd surf, and we were able to get really close to the front!   As a whole this concert was a great way to get out of our stressful lives for a night, and just enjoy some great music. Cedar Rapids is a great area because in about an hour each direction(we drove two), you will always be able to find some great concerts, and as a college student, Concerts are something that are always worth it!
Until The Next Adventure,

At the Concert!
Ryan Rey

Sunday, December 2, 2012

LumberJack Fest!

LumberJack Photo Shoot?
Every year, once a year, my fraternity has a giant campus wide fundraiser called LumberJack Fest. During this fundraiser, we do things like serve pancakes, have a beard competition, have a flannel fashion show, and even let people raise money shave our beards, which we have been working on for the whole month of November! I would have to say that my beard was without a doubt the best, but somehow I did not win the beard competition:( As a whole, this fundraiser was a huge success, and we raised a lot of money for our national charity! One thing I really like about Coe is just how supportive the whole campus is of each other, and LumberJack Fest was a perfect example of that, everyone came out and supported, instead of sleeping in, because everyone here really is like a family.....and who would miss out on all you can eat pancakes?
Finished Product!

In the end, My beard was shaved into a great moustache, which I will hopefully be keeping for a long time!

Until The Next Adventure, Ryan Rey
The Track Team looking great in Flannel, and supporting a good cause!